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Posted Date : June 2014

Are you and Owl or a Lark??

Have you ever seen London at night as you have by day? Have you stepped out in the West End, meandered through the winding streets of Soho and mingled with the late night revellers? Perhaps you have walked past me without realising it and we have jostled shoulders, as I sipped a cocktail on the pavement outside a bar with its doors flung wide op

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The Definition of ADHOC?

Some say there is no such thing as a selfless act of kindness. I respectfully disagree. I would say despite the fact I get paid for being an Agency Pink lady I really feel I go above and beyond to provide the best date or companionship for my client. You know the bit on every single job description that says ADHOC that most think they don't get

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Tidy Apartment - Tidy Mind?

There are certain times of the year that I like to have a look at my life, appearance and job and take stock of what is hot and what is not. I don't mean changing my brunette locks to a rich shade of red or a blinging shade of blonde; I mean really looking at having a spring/summer border clean out. My beautiful Mayfair apartment is faultles

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Blind Date?

Oh I had such a marvellous time yesterday! Do British escorts have as much fun as me or I am just one of the lucky ones? I had my dinner, last night, at Dans Le Noir? - the pitch-black dining experience of French cuisine on Clerkenwell Green (near Holborn and Farringdon in East London. I had been wanting to go to Dans le Noir for ages. Sadly,

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It's the time of year where I rarely get a moment to myself. With the weather getting warmer and more humid new clients rear their lovely heads and start the getting-to-know-you phase to see if they like what they read and viewed before booking up some company for some hotel fun or maybe whisking me away for a summer trip. I always play

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Happy Birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday to me! I won't say how old I am as it's vulgar to talk about one's age so let's just say I'm a year older than I was yesterday, a year wiser and a year more beautiful. I saw my parent’s early-doors today as they insisted I pop down to Oxted in Surrey to open my presents over breakfast. As I munched on pai

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I'll be your boss

The art of being a fabulous Agency Pink lady is not to believe you are providing a service, but to believe that you and your client are in it together. All the scandal and hype surrounding my chosen line of work about selling yourself and manipulating men is all a complete load of bleep.  The men (and occasionally women) who I have the plea

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Hot and Steamy

What gets you hot under the collar? What would make you pull your tie away from your throat for a moment and take leave of your senses? We bet we can guess... It is June again and that can only mean one thing - hem lines are getting shorter, necklines are getting lower and more flesh is on show in London for the men to dribble over. Yes gen

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The Beautiful Game

I love this time of year for one reason and one reason celebration parties! Now I don't know too much about the game but I do know that when my clients start to arrange our dates around late kick offs or ask me to have an afternoon in to sit and watch 'a very important match', this is when the invites will start flood

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Visit Mayfair

Mayfair is one of London’s most prestigious and wealthy areas and is situated in the centre of a square roughly made up of Regent Street (to the east), Piccadilly (to the south), Park Lane (to the west) and Oxford Street (to the north). Agency Pink has London's best escorts situated in these areas.      &n

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Once upon a time?

Once upon a time there was a very beautiful woman moonlighting as an elite escort who lived in Mayfair. This woman grew up in a lovely home with her mother, father, four sisters and one brother and used to dream about the bright lights and buzzing streets of London. She used to let her mind take her to the best shops on Bond Street and even upon fi

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Know your stuff

When I became an elite London escort I wrote a set of rules for myself. Here's a little insight into my rule book... 1) Don't fall for a client. They are just a client! I have seen many girls fall into the trap of not seeing it this way. Some girls who weren't even new to the business had regular clients and ended up giving up their

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Spa days?

I have a slight hang-over - I won't lie to you. As with all the evenings I spend in Joseph's company, I was wined and dined till they had to roll me off my bar stool and winch me into a taxi back to Mayfair. Ambar was amazing! Contemporary touches of deco glamour and bespoke seating create the sense of a stylish liner lounge. It&#

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French fancies?

I love France. I've been there over a dozen times with clients, friends and family. From the chic and cosmopolitan Paris rural Normandy and Luxurious Cannes there is something in that country to suit everyone. More than anything I love the cuisine and the wine. Sometimes a British pie and mash can't beat fine cheeses, crusty bread and garli

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Shoes and feet

Did you know that Christian Louboutin and Givenchy have some real shockers in their collection? No, well neither did I until a gift box containing 1 pair of each turned up at my Mayfair apartment and are now part of my collection.  Greg, a 41 year old investment banker who is sweet, good looking and filthy rich has a rather huge foot fetish

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It?s an ?Escorts? life?

In my line of work it will not do to embarrass easily. Whether it is that I am acting out an unusual fantasy or contorting my body in various positions to be observed in great detail, I cannot get the giggles nor get all self-conscious and reluctant. Being in public with men of all shapes, sizes, age and fashion dos and don’ts are other fa

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Our girls really know how to ?nail? it?

I know plenty of London men who like feet. Pretty painted nails and soft skin in a pair of Louboutins is enough to raise the ardour of any red-blooded male, in my opinion. And the same can be said about hands. I notice other women's hands. I can tell a lot about a girl if her hands are manicured. She is giving out a non-verbal message that s

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Gadgets are golden

I do so love my mobile phone. There's an App for everything these days, just as the adverts tell us and I have yet to find one that doesn't. I'm addicted to all things electronic and bleeping as it is, so my Smartphone is just the icing on the cake. As I've previously said, I can't live without my trusty Filofax but you can'

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Perfect Fur?

Although it’s nearly June it’s another nippy day in Mayfair and I have a client that actually likes the cold, well, actually he likes me, his favourite London escorts, to dress up as if I were cold. I'm waiting in for a parcel shipped from Hong Kong today. I had to wake up reasonably early to take phone calls (my phone switches on a

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Ladies who know how to travel?

Being on holiday in Switzerland recently has really given me the urge to go somewhere a bit warmer this time! I just need to save up first. Easter and skiing have wiped me out to the point where the computer says no. Don't get me wrong, there's room on my MasterCard for a weekend abroad somewhere, but I need my credit limit for emergenci

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My twin date ? Part two?

As I sit here with my bags and purchases from yesterday still slung by the front door, I'm smiling to myself. Twins... I think I'm converted. Tom may be Jonathan's mirror-image but they couldn't be any less alike if they tried. Both men are fit and good looking but while "Tom" has gentlemanly manners and enough conversatio

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You wouldn't believe some of the things I have been asked to do in my time whilst on a date with a client. Nothing surprises me anymore but it may open other eyes or raise a few eyebrows. There is, however, something I haven't done, despite there being a good few requests - let myself be filmed for the enjoyment of another. And yes, I do

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Money, money, money?

Someone once said money is the root of all evil. That person obviously didn't know how to manage their money. I know I enjoy shopping through London's finest boutiques like those hidden treasures in Chelsea and off Mayfair. I do love a designer bag or pair of Jimmy's and I have to frequent Selfridges for my skin care. My beautiful ap

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