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A perfect gentleman

Just before Christmas there I had one of my best clients ever. Why was he such a delight? Well, it is not because he took me to a fabulous restaurant and showered me in jewellery. Or even that he bought me my favourite lingerie. But rather, it was because of the utter gentlemanly respect he gave to me all night.

Of course, I have other clients who treat me as an escort in London very preciously, but this man was the sweetest ever. He struck a nice balance too. He was not too protective by wrapping me up in kid gloves as if I was his daughter, yet he did all those old-fashioned gentlemanly things like held the car door open for me, walked on the outside of the pavement, pulled my seat out before I sat down – the sort of things that make you feel special and ladylike but without feeling too pandered to and oppressed. And no, he was not sexist in the least either.

It got me thinking about manners and how often we see them these days. As an elite escort I treat all my clients with respect and genuine interest. I could not be an escort if I didn’t. This job is about seeing human nature in all its shapes and forms and respecting whatever form it’s in.

Most of my clients will treat me well but there is always the odd one every now and again who pushes things just a bit too far, seems to think he has some sort of right over me. That is when things just get uncomfortable for me. Luckily when I let them know this they stop and seem genuinely surprised as they did not realize the effect their actions were having.

Most of the time as a VIP escort I am in control of the situation and many of my clients prefer that. At other times though, they like to take the lead and decide where we are going and how the evening should be spent. None of them would insist on a venue or an activity I did not enjoy though, and likewise. Which is just as well actually, because trudging round a golf course in the pouring rain is my idea of hell while I am sure they would hate to sit in a beauty parlour and get their cuticles pushed back on a weekly basis…

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