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Birthday Boy Treat



If you will celebrate a birthday shortly, let us here at Agency Pink help you. Our London escorts are amongst the first to want to wish you many happy returns. So, what are you hoping to get for your birthday boy treat this year? A Ferrari with personalised plates, a quick ‘back-nine’ with Tiger Woods, or a date with a supermodel? Wishful thinking? Well, not necessarily...


The truth is that only two of the above options are, in fact, beyond the reach of ‘normal’ men. This is because here at Agency Pin,k we have a whole army of girls working with us who look like they should be on the catwalks of Paris and Milan. Furthermore, they’ll be ready and willing to enjoy a date with you and be the birthday boy treat of a lifetime.


While your initial reaction may be to think we are simply playing up the physical attributes of our escorts in London to whet your appetite, this is not the case. Indeed, you need only look through some of the photos here on our website to see that our claims are well and truly justified. The reason we have some of the most beautiful girls in London working with us is that we are one of the capital's leading escort agencies. Therefore, we are widely acknowledged as having the very highest standards. Since our inception, we have maintained an ethos that our clients’ expectations should always be surpassed. So, when we tell you our girls look like supermodels, you can be sure that we mean what we say.


It is just a fact - the ladies who work with us here at Agency Pink are amongst the most beautiful, charming and attractive girls you will ever see in your life. And it doesn’t matter what your ideal supermodel type is, either. For example, we are fortunate enough to have girls working with us here who have come from all over the world. Indeed, our elite escorts come from as far afield as South America, Asia, Europe, North America and the Far East to live here and work with us. Plus, they all look like they have won their respective nations' beauty contests! Of course, we also have the most beautiful British ladies in our ranks. Indeed, it is a well-known fact that the most stunning girls in Britain (and Ireland) are always to be found in London. No other city in the UK has as many plentiful opportunities for good-looking girls as London.


So, if you’re looking for a truly memorable birthday boy treat, look no further. We can arrange dates for you with European knockouts, just like Heidi Klum. You can certainly rest assured you will certainly have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY when you come to us.

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