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Blind Date Escort

Oh I had such a marvellous time yesterday! Do other escorts have as much fun as me or I am just one of the lucky ones? This time I was a blind date escort and I have to say these client/escort dates just keep getting better and better.

I had my dinner, last night, at Dans Le Noir. The pitch-black dining experience of French cuisine on Clerkenwell Green, near Holborn and Farringdon in East London. I had been wanting to go to to this restaurant for ages. Sadly, I had no one to go with as many of my friends would rather die than come out of a posh restaurant with food down their fronts. Furthermore, none of my clients had ever mentioned it. Despite my pleas of organic ingredients and 4 surprise menus, no one was biting. Then along came Sam - Ah Sam with his tousled fair hair and bright blue eyes. He looked like Michelangelo had modelled 'David' on him. I was blown away by how beautiful he was. And yes, I did wonder why such a gorgeous man would want to pay for an escort in London when he probably had a diary full of offers from admiring females. Still, who was I to argue?

So off we went and were shown to our table by blind guides - which I thought was amazing and so very appropriate. These guides were also there to help us completely re-evaluate the notions of taste and smell through the restaurant's gastronomic and pedagogical process. The meaning of which I have yet to fathom. Still, I can tell you what the whole blind date escort experience was like so here goes.

OK, it's dark. Not gloomy-I-will-eventually-become-accustomed-to-this but PITCH BLACK! In order to be seated, we had to be accompanied by our blind waiter and hold onto the shoulder of the person in front of us. Having previously chosen from colour coded menus and then stowed our belongings away in lockers, we were seated. I had an unnerving urge to giggle and compare the dark behind my eyelids with my eyes fully open. Sam indulged my foot under the table and said softly "kinda erotic". Although I was inclined to agree, the infra-red cameras would pick up any hanky-panky and I told him so.

Our dining experience was unlike anything before having to rely on my nose and palette. In addition, it was also messy as hell. I spilt my wine, my water and dropped my fork, never to be found again. As a result, I had to ask for another. People were encouraged not to talk too loudly to their companions (why do we over-compensate with volume to make ourselves understood, anyway?) and one man had a panic attack and had to be escorted from the building - shame. But I did identify the content of my plate correctly to the chef afterwards - a little Ostrich and Venison. Hurrah!

Overall? 8 out of 10 mostly because I was a little freaked out as I'm not good with new 'trippy' experiences. Also because I came out looking like I had been fed in a high-chair! Sam loved his blind date escort experience though and he looked even more beautiful with food on his chin!

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