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Escort booking

So let's start with your initial contact with your chosen escort agency like Agency Pink. One of the first things to bear in mind is that our agency tends to be extremely busy. As you can imagine, we take many calls each day requesting both in-call and outcall appointments. Added to this, sometimes we receive unsolicited calls. It could even be that they are uncomfortable or hesitant to actually go ahead with a booking. If you find yourself in this situation, remember that we handle bookings for escort services in London every day; there's no need to feel embarrassed.

While there are no hard rules about interacting with escort agencies, it's advisable to be forearmed with a little knowledge in order to avoid any potentially embarrassing situations. 

Escorting, by its very nature, is a profession that relies on creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for all concerned, but it's always helpful to have a few tips on how to deal with the situations that could arise when you come into contact with our professional ladies.

Our receptionists have all the up to date information about our escorts so will be able to advise whether your preferred companion is available, and offer alternatives if she's not. For example, if you are looking for an escort in Sloane Square, they'll be able to recommend other ladies in that area if your first choice is not free. With this in mind, it's always handy to have the escort agency website open when you make a call, so that if your chosen escort is not available, you can quickly check the portfolio photographs before choosing an alternative. All our receptionists can make recommendations, so if you tell them exactly what you're looking for, they'll be able to offer some great suggestions.

Once you have confirmed the availability of your chosen escort models, we will organise where the meeting will take place. If you prefer to meet on an in-call basis, you'll be given the details of the location. If you'd rather have the meeting at your home or a hotel, you will need to provide the receptionist with full details, together with your contact number. Contact numbers are requested for two reasons; firstly, so that the agency can get in touch with you if your escort is going to be late or if there is an issue regarding the meeting. Secondly, as you can appreciate, the best escort agencies always take precautions to ensure the safety and personal security of our escorts. Please note that your booking will be refused if you do not provide a contact number.

The final thing to consider is that not all escorts are available for both in-calls and outcalls, or they may have limited time slots. If you're requesting a particular escort who does not usually work in your location, she may not have sufficient time to get there, so it's wise to give plenty of notice for a booking.

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