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Good manners cost nothing…

At Agency Pink our girls are polite, professional, well-spoken and courteous. Most of our clients are the same, and all of our ladies usually get treated with respect.

But what happens when a client doesn’t show the same courtesy? It is inevitable, of course, that from time to time a client is rude or disrespectful. Of course, our agency is very good at vetting clients. We have had years of practice at it and they can tell if someone is going to be rude and disrespectful very quickly.

You can get an instinct for these things – and if the agency can tell, they often refuse to match the man up with any escort on their books, or they recommend they go elsewhere. And again, most of the time this works pretty well. Nice, respectful clients are matched up with beautiful escorts, the dates go well and everyone is happy.

But sometimes, someone will slip through the gap. This did happen the other week.

At first, the client in question (let’s call him Joe) was polite and paid our lady in question a lot of compliments. He told her he thought she was very beautiful and that her body was stunning. Then he looked around her apartment and commented on her furniture and my décor.

Her first warning that he might not be very nice was when he made a remark about the furniture, commenting that obviously escorting was very well paid and that he doubted she would have been able to afford such tasteful décor if she wasn’t spending so much time on my back.

Well, of course our young lady was shocked. It was a very rude remark and as it happens, many of her clients book her for dinner dates, to attend events, or even to come along to business meetings.

Then the client started raving on about his ex-girlfriend, calling her really rude names and saying he thought she would have made an ideal escort as she obviously had no concept of faith and fidelity.

Our lady made a point of politely explaining to him the work that she dose as a London escort, and the variety of work she carries out. Then the client then went on to tell her how much escorts disgust him, and how dreadful they are.

It is always useful if you can control your tempter. Our lady was boiling up inside. How dare this man book an escort and then proceed to show her such disrespect and rudeness. Fortunately, our ladies always have a back-up plan and whilst “Joe” continued to rant and rave, she discreetly contacted the escort agency.

“Joe” was swiftly removed from the premises. But not before he had handed over the fee for her time. Our escorts deserve to be treated politely, fact…

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