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Greetings from Switzerland!

Ahhhhhhh smell that fresh air on top on a mountain! You can't beat it! I'm trussed up like a snowman in my thermal underwear, salapettes, skiing jacket and thick gloves. But to top it all off, my Gucci glasses really do make me look like an authentic snow bunny. At least, that was the look I was going for, a high class escort christmas treat! My lovely companion just grumbled there was too much of me covered up for his liking.

Claude and I arrived in Lauterbrunnen yesterday mid-afternoon after a rather extravagant journey from Heathrow. I can't say I'd ever get used to flying in a private plane with champagne on tap, although Claude was very laissez-faire about the whole thing. He told me he doesn't drink champagne because it makes him sleepy. I tickled his thigh and said we couldn't possibly have that with his fantasy of joining the Mile High Club inches from our grasp.

As we drove into the Valley, once again I was blown away. Every time I come here I die and go to Skiing heaven. Lauterbrunnen has 72 waterfalls, alpine meadows, and lonely mountain inns and is one of the biggest nature conservation areas in the country. I looked over at Claude and he just smiled at me. I know we've seen it all before, but how could anyone get used to such beauty? He says he never tires of the expression on my face when we arrive. I just reiterate that it's 100% genuine.

Our chalet this time is different from those we have stayed in before. With an open fire, fully fitted kitchen and a tub you could drown in, we have private luxury for a week. Claude also says he wants to ski the James Bond trail I laughed and said he was welcome to cross-country ski the 11km; I'd be toasting myself by the fire while he did so. He chucked a snow ball at me and called me a lazy mare. Returning the snowball, I simply reminded him that I'd require the use of my thighs for other sports.

So here I am, writing away while he warms up those impressive muscles outside on the slopes. Of course I plan on skiing this holiday - what would be the point of coming otherwise? - But there is also shopping and a horse and carriage ride I want to try out. So much to do; so little time. I best get on with it!

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