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Kensington Fine Dining



A fine dining room doesn’t get much better than a Michelin-starred restaurant, and Kitchen W8, located on Abingdon Road, has been able to boast that accolade since 2011. They’re proud to boast that their food, as well as being delicious, is affordable and combines seasonal English ingredients with stylish French techniques.

The Roof Gardens

The Roof Gardens is prized as much for its’ fantastic location as its’ fine cuisine. It’s perched 100ft above the ground and offers not only stunning views over London but also not one but three themed gardens: The English Woodland Garden, The Tudor Garden, and The Spanish Garden.

The Ledbury

If money is no object to winning and dining with your escort girl, you must sample the luxury of the Ledbury. It’s been awarded two Michelin stars, and the experimental but delicious food more than lives up to this exalted status of fun, but at Ffiona’s, a good time and great food come together seamlessly.


These are just a few of the great dining and dining emporiums in this part of London. Pay a visit with one of our beautiful Kensington companions, and you can be sure that the companion sitting opposite you is as deliciously tempting as the food on your plate.


Enjoy your time in Kensington with one of our beautiful companions!


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