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Knowing me, knowing you

Thomas and I have been having an affair for the last 13 months. We see each other once or twice a month and we have a brilliant time together! We dine and dance the night away at all the most expensive clubs. Life is never boring when I'm on my favourite client’s arm and he prides himself on knowing what this girl wants.

I have clients who think, just because I see them every week, they know me the way they might know a wife or best friend. Sadly, should I ask them my favourite colour, designer brand or even my birthday, they'd draw a blank.  Some might argue that it isn't their place to know these finer details of an escort in London - we have a purely business arrangement after all. Others would insist that we should get to know each other this way so our dates become much more intimate. They like that Girlfriend experience that Agency Pink escorts pride themselves on. 

One rainy day my client’s Mercedes was waiting for me bang on 11am. The driver buzzed my Mayfair apartment and I came straight down. I had to wear a blindfold when we were driving to well and truly make it all the more surprising. Finally we arrived in Knightsbridge and I was dropped off outside Harrods where a smartly dressed woman was waiting for me. She shook my hand and asked me to follow her, without giving away where this mysterious place might be.

Finally we came to a stop in the jewellery department where my guide turned me to and said "wait right here." she returned with a velvet covered jewellery pad displaying a white gold necklace. I gasped. It was a beautiful 18k white gold and designer. My guide smiled and nodded. "Your boyfriend said it describes you perfectly."

I was amazed and quite frankly really touched that my client really gets me and that our time together is really appreciated – he chose the perfect gift just for me.

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