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Paying my way

Its' nearly Christmas and I need a holiday, and I want a warm one!!  I could make it a working holiday and Agency Pink elite London escorts can arrange this for me as there are certain international clients that would love to see me. But just for once I'd like to switch my phone off and read a book, for what it's worth. I wish for a large swimming pool, a sun lounger and a dialect that I have to concentrate on to understand - and somewhere non touristy. A desert island perhaps!! I'm feeling a trip to the travel agent happening soon. 

I am lucky to be in this position where I can take time off when I please, but I am a bit of a workaholic and I also love my job and pleasing my favourite clients makes me very happy indeed.

I’m pretty good with my money, I have a lot of savings and have bought my own property in Chelsea. Of course there are my regular clients who treat me like a princess and who actually believe that I am their one and only, but I never taken them for granted and like to pay my way when it comes to my own free time. But when a client asks me to come away with him we set the ground rules before the date begins and never speak of money again thereafter... it makes me feel awkward. I am a very independent woman, like it or lump it.

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