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The personal touch

What is it that women love about intimacy? Well, as women we like to get to know people. Getting to know people takes different forms. It can take the form of talk, sharing of secrets and confessing of fears, worries, hopes and dreams. We know all about talking – or rather, we know a lot about listening. Listening is a key skill when you are an escort and we listen A LOT. We are also pretty unshockable and many clients feel they can tell us anything without being judged.

Naturally, here at Agency Pink London escort agency we are experts in intimacy and we know that touch is a personal issue. Intimacy can mean the sharing of secrets – the kind of confessionals you get when you and your girl friends are together and you have maybe had a drink or two. Secrets are spilled. Revelations are made.

Or it can mean the other thing – where you are alone in a room with a man and there is an attraction between the two of you. It’s like there is no-one else in the world but the two of you, all alone and focused completely on each other and what will happen next.

Then there is the other part of intimacy – touch. Soft and gentle touching is something most women love. And there is nothing more intimate than looking into someone’s eyes as the stare back at you. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then that’s a window we definitely want opened.

Because our girls are sociable who like humanity, they like meeting new people. But they don’t just want to meet them. They want to get to know them – to find out about them and share information with them. Intimacy allows us to get to know other people and that’s exciting and interesting.

Life in the 21st Century can be lonely. We all work hard, we live apart from our families, we don’t see our friends that much – intimacy is more important than ever before. Human connections are what we all want and seek.

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