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Wedding Fever

Wedding fever has been sweeping the elite world for the last few months. I have accompanied many clients to their friend's or colleagues big days and some to their family do's. Friends or colleagues are easy to pass as a new couple; family is more work and research. 

You always see on films the old cliché of man/woman meets man/woman and said man/woman needs met man/woman to pretend to be their partner for a major family dinner or function. They go to the family gathering and then they end up falling in love and living happily ever after. 
In my case, there will never be happily ever after at the end of a good ole' knees up, but there will be another date with my very satisfied clients. 

I have always loved a wedding. Any excuse for wearing something gorgeous, eating lovely food and having a great laugh with people you wouldn't normally mingle with in some very fine establishments.

As a top London escort companion I have been to numerous weddings in London. In spectacular restaurants and hotels and one rather lavish lot of nuptials in the South of France. I always wear something appropriate and no matter what the client requests, I always make sure my model figure is clad in something classy and non-limelight stealing! Adam my latest wedding buddy wanted me to wear something sexy and short to his bosses wedding in Surrey. Erm, no thanks Adam but I did promise him something special when we got back to his Chelsea apartment.

Speaking of something special, Carl has asked me to go along to his cousins wedding in Central London as his girlfriend. I obviously will do as I am asked and am really getting into character by mocking up some pictures on my phone in case we are asked for anything concrete on each other...always distract with a photo I say. He had been getting grief off his family for being single for a long time he told me, so his cousin's wedding is the perfect opportunity to prove to his family that he does have someone special. 

I am looking forward to playing make believe so watch this space...

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