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Young & beautiful

Young, slim-waisted petite ladies are our biggest draw, mostly due to the vast array of early twenties girls we have on selection. New ladies on the scene are a constant hit with our regular customers. It appears that the temptation to sample the wares of a fresh-faced young sex-kitten is too much for our many repeat clients, meaning that our newer ladies on the scene are constantly busy with the more curious gentlemen we cater to.

However, it would be foolish to think that youth means inexperience. Some of our most hard working, model escorts are barely out of their early twenties. These are the girls who have proven time and time again that they can go beyond the demands of the client and assure their satisfaction to levels they have never experienced before. No doubt, the majority of our elite London escorts have repeat customers who are addicted to the high which only an Agency Pink beauty can provide.

When it comes to experienced ladies of the night, few agencies are able to rival Agency Pink’s stunning mature selection. We class mature as anything from late twenties onwards, with the oldest we have on our books in their early thirties. These ‘mature’ ladies are some of our most popular. They all possess a unique combination of elegance, style and sultry seductiveness. The kind of combination which only a well-versed foxy lady can pull off. Most of our mature escorts are also on the busty side. As they’ve aged (finely, we might add!), their bodies have retained their sexy, natural shape, but their busts have developed – as is completely natural. This goes towards making our mature category even more desirable.

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